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“In Fanatical Prospecting, you’ll learn exactly what you need to do right now to open more sales conversations, fill your pipeline, and put a lot more money in your pocket.” —Jill Konrath - Bestselling author of Agile Selling, Selling to Big Companies and SNAP Selling

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“Top earning sales professionals are relentless, unstoppable prospectors and obsessive about keeping their pipeline full of qualified opportunities. In Fanatical Prospecting I teach you their secrets - real techniques, that work with real prospects, in the real world.”
- Jeb Blount, Author of Fanatical Prospecting
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“In Fanatical Prospecting Jeb provides a comprehensive guide to increase sales fast. There is practical, powerful advice on using every means (social selling, e-mail, telephone, text messaging, networking, referrals, in-person prospecting) available to start sales conversations and create new opportunities." - Mike Weinberg, Author of Sales Management Simplified


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Free Professional Membership at when you purchase the book. Gain access to exclusive member's only articles, downloads, and online training courses. $599 Value

In this outstandng eBook. Kelly Rigg (Business Locker Room) explains how to increase the Opportunity Value in your pipeline to acheive sales revenue and margin objectives. $15.99 Value

In this guide by Anthony Iannarino, one of the world's formost sales experts, you'll learn the most important keys to leveraging cold calling to keep your pipeline full. $9.99 Value

Author Mark Hunter, The Sales Hunter, defines the 14 traits that are universal to top sales professionals, how to hone these traits in yourself, and how to identify them in candidates that you are considerning bringing onto your team. $17.99 Value

“Empty pipelines haunt salespeople and sales organizations. Jeb Blount delivers a powerful formula for fixing activity problems and accelerating sales performance. Fanatical Prospecting is a masterpiece.”" - Anthony Iannarino,  Author of 17 Elements and The Sales Blog

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In the Cold Calling Survival Guide Wendy Weiss, The Queen of Cold Calling, gives you tips and techniques for getting though to prospects and eliminating rejection. $9.99 Value

In this worksheet Art Sobczak gives you the Smart Calling openig statement process that stimulates interest and helps you avoid rejection. $5.99 Value

LinkedIn and Social Selling guru, Kurt Shaver, gives you a comprehensive and actionable check list for using LinkedIn for prospecting and sales. $19.99 Value

Alen Mayer is a trusted advisor and coach to introverted entrepreneurs and sales pros. In this ebook/ workbook he offers a 5 Step Formula to help introverts sell more. Value $15.00 

In this unabridged eBook version of his bestseller Power Principles, Jeb Blount gives you 5 steps to achieving the success you deserve in your sales career. Value $14.99

In this entertaining and engaging eBook bestselling author, Dave Kurlan, gives you 63 Powerful Tips for getting huge increases in sales. Value $21.99 

“Prospecting is the core, the foundation, the heart of every successful sales effort. Jeb Blount, one of the most successful sales leaders of this decade, provides answers for every aspect of successful prospecting.“  - Miles Austin,


In this unabridged eBook version of his bestseller Power Principles, Jeb Blount gives you 5 steps to achieving the success you deserve in your sales career. Value $14.99

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 "When you use the word 'fanatical' you better be able to back it up. Jeb Blount is not just fanatical at every aspect of prospecting. He has mastered them. This book will show you how to turn "Fanatical" Prospecting into money." - Jeffrey Gitomer "King of Sales" and author of The Little Red Book of Selling

Plus you get Jeffrey Gitomer's Little eBook of Listening: It’s amazing how much you can learn by just keeping quiet. You learn more by listening than by speaking. How well do you listen? Value $11.95

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