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Fanatical Prospecting Boot Camp

Fanatical Prospecting Boot Camps are intensive, total immersion training programs that leverage experiential learning to accelerate your salespeople to peak sales performance, fast!

Our innovative training system combines classroom training, role plays, case studies, live prospecting blocks during which your salespeople are coached by our experts in real time, and follow up online modules and coaching to anchor learning.

Fanatical Prospecting Boot Camps are a learning experience unlike any other. Your salespeople will tell you that it is the best training they have ever had.

Fanatical Prospecting Bootcamps

Coaching Fanatical Prospecting 

Coaching is the critical ingredient for exceptional sales performance. The highest performing sales leaders are hands on coaches. The highest performing sales teams have a foundational coaching culture.

Yet most sales leaders have never been taught how to coach sales prospecting. When salespeople don’t get consistent, hands-on coaching from their sales manager they quickly go back to old, bad habits and prospecting activity drops off.

Coaching Fanatical Prospecting is a prospecting specific sales coaching course for sales leaders built on the same frameworks used in Jeb Blount’s wildly successful Situational Coaching program. Sales leaders learn practical skills and techniques for rapidly improving sales prospecting performance.


Coaching Fanatical Prospecting

Workshops & Seminars

Fanatical Prospecting Workshops & Seminars are the perfect complement to your conferences and meetings. Our workshops can be one hour to half-day sessions and completely customized for your group or industry. Combine your workshop with a keynote delivered by bestselling author Jeb Blount for the perfect message.

Sessions are typically focused on one or two specific topics that will be of greatest interest to your participants or help you achieve your desired outcomes and meeting objectives. Potential topics include: Telephone prospectingSocial Selling; Email, Text Message, and Chat prospecting; Strategic Prospecting Campaigns; Time and Territory Management; Mindset and Mental Toughness; Inbound prospecting and lead generation; In person prospecting

Fanatical Prospecting Workshops

Prospecting School

We give your salespeople the ability to learn sales prospecting techniques and hone their sales skills anywhere at anytime on our world class Prospecting School Platform and Mobile Learning app.

We offer both self-directed courses and facilitator guided learning led by our certified trainers. Prospecting School is an affordable virtual training option for keeping prospecting skills sharp or when bringing your team together for classroom style training is impractical.

Fanatical Prospecting School

Custom Curriculum Development & Licensing

Need a custom solution? Dozens of our clients did too. Our team has extensive experience developing and integrating custom training curriculum solutions into your current training programs or building complete training systems from scratch for your unique situation.

If you are ready to take Fanatical Prospecting in house, we’ll even train and certify your corporate trainers to deliver our programs. 

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